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Stumps Café

Alice Springs’ best coffee is from Stumps Cafe. Made with love and delivered with a smile, day in and day out. Step into our cafe and recharge on the good stuff, whilst filling up on one of our many amazing breakfast options.

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Alice Springs’ Favourite Café

Residents and guests of Alice Springs, enjoy our amazing breakfast and lunch menu, avialable daily. Conveniently located next to The Diplomat Motel in the heart of Alice Springs, Northern Territory.

Boasting a delicious variety of coffee, café style food, beer and wine.

Alice Springs Lunch

Stop in for the best lunch in Alice Springs. There is far more to Stumps than just amazing breakfasts and coffees. Our lunch menu is a consistent favourite among locals and visitors. The favourite tends to be the burgers, however don’t let that stop you from exploring our salads, fish and chips, soup of the day or famous potato gnocchi. The menu can either fill you up before a big hike or recharge your batteries after an early morning.


Trading Hours

Open from 6:00am daily.


Contact Us


(08) 8952 8977

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